10 Easy Ways On How To Beat Anxiety

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Beating anxiety involves wanting to take control over your emotional states, mastering relaxation techniques and knowing some tricks that have proven effective in overcoming that state.

Let us learn 10 easy ways to beat anxiety now:

10. Accept anxiety, be an impartial observer

Anxiety is harmful, we know it and that’s why we want to eliminate it. Therefore, it is normal that our first impulse is to deny and reject it. However, the paradox is that the more we try to combat anxiety, the more we will feel overwhelmed. When we deny an emotion or feeling, it grows.

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Do not try to deny the anxiety you experience, just be aware of its existence. When you don’t run away from emotion or label it as “negative” you can adopt an emotional distance from the problem and regain control of yourself.Next page is :Banish the rush of your life

9. Banish the rush of your life

Most anxious people move continuously from one place to another, eat standing, without sitting at the table and perform different tasks at the same time. 

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The solution lies in cutting that vicious circle. Decrease the pace and, above all, give an order to the tasks you must perform throughout the day and prioritize the most important. Force yourself to slow down, you’ll see that you manage to do much more, with less stress.

8. Do not leave pending tasks

One of the things that most increases our state of anxiety is knowing that we have pending tasks. It is not the tasks themselves that wear us out and deplete, but the constant mental reminder that we should do them.

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If the task demands more time and you don’t have it, ask yourself if it’s really important. If so, find a place in your calendar. Next page is: Spend at least one hour a day

7. Spend at least one hour a day

In the society in which we live, doing is rewarded over being. Therefore, we feel compelled to run, not to have a minute of rest, because it is synonymous with laziness, it is the antithesis of the values ​​that Western culture promotes.

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It is not strange that anxious people are always full of work and pending projects, they do not even have a few minutes a day to dedicate themselves.

6. Question your recurring negative thoughts

An anxious person’s mind is their worst enemy. Anxiety grows as a result of unrealistic thoughts that the person develops. Therefore, you must learn to detect them and stop their course.

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The most common is that the anxious person responds in an exaggerated way to the situations of their daily lives. It makes a storm in a glass of water, thinks that a simple mistake will have dire consequences. In this way, it adds unnecessary tension. Next page is: Take another perspective

5. Take another perspective

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Anxiety is caused, to a large extent, by the meaning we confer to certain situations. Therefore, one of the most effective strategies to combat anxiety is to change the way we think of stressors.

4. Live in the “here and now”

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The anxious person usually lives between the past and the future. He blames himself for what happened and worries or gets scared for what might happen. To eliminate anxiety, it is important to learn to focus on the present. Breathe, look around and notice that nothing bad is happening right now. Enjoy it. The practice of mindfulness can help you achieve this task.

3. Manage your emotions better

For many decades, people were encouraged to repress their feelings and emotions. Later, they were told that it was better to express them since, in this way, they could alleviate states such as anger and anxiety. 

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This does not mean that you should repress emotions, but that you must find the right way to express them. Hitting a pillow, shouting or unloading your verbal anger against someone can increase negative feelings. Therefore, to overcome anxiety, it is better to opt for activities that allow you to truly relax. Next and last page is: Practice physical exercise

2. Practice physical exercise

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One of the best strategies to combat anxiety and stress is to exercise. You don’t need to spend a lot of time, just half an hour every day will be enough. Although it is recommended that they be intense exercises, which are what allow a large number of endorphins to be released.

1. Relax and breathe

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Relaxation techniques are very effective in fighting anxiety. There are different techniques, one of the most common is to tighten each muscle group, and then relax them gently. If you suffer anxiety, you likely have great tension in the body, especially in the area of ​​the back and the eyebrows.


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