14 Easy Ways on How to Make Friends at a New School

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It can be difficult to change schools. Everything is different and you do not know where your classrooms are. It can also be difficult to make new friends because all your classmates may already have friends.

Don’t despair! You can totally integrate into this new environment. To make friends easier, learn to trust yourself, stay open and try to participate in activities.



Breathe deeply and try not to be too anxious. Do not forget that you are not the only one looking for friends. Depending on when you arrive at school, it is possible that some bands have already formed, but there will also be other people who are looking for new friends, just like you. Do not put too much pressure on yourself.

You may have fewer friends in the new school than in the one you used to be, but it does not matter. In life, there are times when you are more popular than others, but it’s not your fault.

Be yourself.

Never try to change your personality to fit in. If your friends don’t accept you as you are, they are not true friends.

Most people stay with a certain group of friends because they remain true to themselves and are naturally attracted to people with similar personalities and interests.

For example, someone very athletic could join a football team at school while a naturally artistic person will stay with other people who appreciate the art.

Wear your favorite clothes.

Your outfit is important for your image and your trust in you. Instead of trying to find clothes that will make a good impression on others, choose an outfit that you like.

It will allow other students to get an idea of ​​your personality, but most importantly, it will allow you to feel good about yourself.

If you have to wear a school uniform, try to see if you can customize it. Many schools offer several choices of uniforms. You can also wear a pin or a small accessory corresponding to your style.

Visualize your goal.

To have more confidence in you, you have to change your way of thinking. Instead of being afraid of not making friends, imagine yourself meeting other people and sympathizing with them.

Be content with all your small successes, such as speaking with someone you don’t know and appreciate the conversation

Think of your qualities.

You’ll make friends more easily if you think you deserve to be a friend. Write down a list of your qualities and keep it somewhere where you can read it whenever you lack confidence in yourself.

To make it more fun, you can think of your favorite celebrities. Write qualities that you have in common with them to help you have more confidence in you

Keep smiling.

This will make you much easier to tackle. When you walk down the halls of the school, don’t keep your head down and your eyes on the ground. Look up and look at other people in the eye. If you see someone you know, smile and say hello

Ask questions.

Of course, you have to introduce yourself and talk a little about yourself to your classmates, but if you ask them questions about themselves, it will show that you are interested in them, which is a sign of a good friend.

You can also ask a question to start a conversation, such as: “Are we eating well here? Or how long have you been in this school? “

Ask questions that allow you to make compliments while opening a conversation, such as: “I love your shoes, where did you buy them? “

Give service to others.

Reserve a place for someone. Say hello when you arrive. Congratulate a comrade for something he did well. Make compliments, like: “I love your shoes” or “I love your bag! A kind attitude can help you a lot.

Do not force anyone.

Even if you do your best to be nice and open, the other students will not all want to be your friends. Everyone will have their own reasons. This may be due to a simple difference of interests.

If you feel that someone does not want to be your friend or openly tells you, do not insist. You can not force someone to become your friend

Act first.

You can meet someone who shares your interests anywhere, either next to your locker or near a water dispenser. You just have to know how to approach this person.

Start a conversation, smile, give him compliments and of course, introduce yourself and explain where you are from. You never know where you can find a good friend.

As you are new, others will probably be curious about you and will be more likely to want to talk to you. Enjoy it

Participates in extracurricular activities.


You can join a club, a theater troupe or a sports team. This will allow you to meet new people and interact with them regularly, which will help you make new friends.

In addition, if you do an activity outside of class, you will more easily meet other people who share your interests.

Look for other new ones.

You’re probably not the only new student and if you find others, you’ll have at least one thing in common: you’re in an environment you do not know.

With this common point, you should not have too much trouble making new friends. Talk about your previous schools, the new school, your opinions, your teachers, your grades, etc.

Stay in the middle of the class.

Try to sit in the middle of the classroom. The other students will notice you more than if you sit in front of or at the bottom. You will be able to talk with them more easily and you will have more chances to meet different people for group exercises.

Be patient.

You will not necessarily make friends from your first day at school, but it does not matter. It takes time to build friendships and meet the right people. As long as you don’t give up, you will end up making good friends