How to Get Happy When You’re Sad

Everyone feels sad sometimes. In many cases, sadness is a normal human reaction to changes and events that occur in life.
The good news is that everyone has the ability to be happy and that there are things you can do to unlock that ability and feel better.

Find happiness inside you


Write down how you feel

Consider buying a journal that you will only use to record your thoughts and feelings. Often, it can be helpful to document moments of sadness by writing them to make sense of them.

It helps you to stay in harmony with yourself and to reach a deeper level of understanding of yourself.

Journaling, even 20 minutes a day, allows you to clarify and organize your sad thoughts, which can enable you to better target the reasons for your sadness. It also allows you to better track your behavioral and emotional patterns. In addition, research has found that keeping a journal can help your physical health and strengthen your immune system, as this helps reduce your stress.

As you write, focus on what you write, not how you write it. In other words, do not focus on grammar and spelling.

Laugh and smile

Studies have shown that just smiling can improve your mood and make you happier. In addition, laughter releases endorphins, chemicals in the brain that improve your mood.

If you want to smile or laugh without too much effort, try watching a funny movie, reading a funny book or spending time with a friend who can make you smile.

Have a good cry

Even if you do not want to cry because you are trying to feel better and happier, sometimes crying can improve your mood. If you feel like crying, do not hold it back and give yourself the right to cry whenever you want.

You may feel better and more liberated after crying because seeing your tears come out of your body may give you a feeling of purging the sadness you are holding back.

Studies suggest that the majority of people who cry feel better after crying. This is partly because crying is a natural way of getting rid of stress hormones.

However, while it may be helpful to cry to reduce stress and improve your mood, it is important that you remember that if you can not control your tears, you may be experiencing an emotional or hormonal problem. more serious. If you realize that you can not stop crying, you should consult a doctor or therapist.

Try to have an overview

What are the things in your life that make it worth living? Try to think of all the things you love in your life, for example, your friends, your family, and your health and you will see that you probably have more things for which you can be happy and thankful even if you do not feel happy or grateful for the moment.

Many studies have shown that gratitude is deeply connected to happiness.

Think of good memories. If you have had good memories in the past, you can have new ones. It is not because things look sad now that they will necessarily be in the future.

Distract your mind

Sometimes, when you’re sad, it’s hard to think of anything else. However, rehashing your sadness will do you more harm than good and this could increase your feeling of helplessness.

Pleasant distractions can help you focus on something other than your sadness and reduce stress, which scientists call the “flow”. You do not avoid problems, but you take part in activities that help you forget where you are and how much time passes. Here are some examples of ways to distract your mind.

Listen to music. Try listening to energetic, catchy and happy songs and songs that inspire you and remind you of good times. Music can be used as a powerful therapeutic tool.

Watch your childhood photos and photos of your travels and major events in your life. If you find a fun one, do not reject it. Enjoy it. This will help you remember that life goes by quickly and that there are many happy events in life, even if there are sad ones too.


The books transport you to places you’ve never been to, these places are full of adventure and romance that you can not find where you are now.

Whether you’re reading historical fiction or a novel, focusing on another world can help you relax your mind and focus on something else. Just 6 minutes of reading can help you reduce your stress by two-thirds

Assessing Your Sadness

Understand your sadness

Sadness is part of the wider experience of grief. It is a painful emotion that is usually temporary and rooted in external factors, such as a breakup, an argument or disagreement with a close friend, a distance from your family, or the loss of a loved one.

Sadness is a normal emotion that most people have felt at some point in their lives.
The sadness caused by grief can affect your concentration, appetite, and sleep.

Know the difference between sadness and depression

It is important to know how sadness is different from depression because the treatments in these two cases will be different. Unlike sadness, depression has no identifiable external cause, it’s just something people feel.

Compared to sadness, depression is a more serious problem that causes a drop in mood, little or too much sleep, a loss or gain in weight, a bigger or smaller appetite, a drop in energy, a lack of interest in what is happening around, a flight from social situations, a bad concentration and a feeling of uselessness.

One of the key differences between depression and sadness is the ability to feel pleasure, love, and hope. When people are sad, they can still experience moments of happiness and pleasure. However, in the case of depression, many individuals can no longer feel pleasure, hope or anything else and become insensitive to emotions

Think about your emotions

Something happened recently in your life that could explain how you feel? For example, did you just break up with your partner or did you lose a member of your fault? By identifying the cause of your sadness, you can better understand and overcome it.

In addition, knowing what makes you sad, you can also determine the appropriate methods to relieve your sadness. For example, the sadness you feel after breaking up with your boyfriend after 3 months of relationship will be different from how you feel if your husband died after 10 years of marriage.

Doing Fun Activities



Go for a jog or go biking. Play a team sport. Do anything that allows you to go out and move. The sport will release endorphins by your body, these are beneficial substances that improve your mood and inhibit stress.

Any type of exercise that requires you to use energy or contract your muscles will trigger a release of these useful endorphins into the body. Even if you do not want to go running, do the housework at home or go for a walk for 15 to 20 minutes to help your body release those endorphins to make you feel happier.

Take balanced snacks

Scientists have confirmed that what you eat and when you eat it can affect your mood. If you feel sad, try eating foods low in fat and protein, but high in carbohydrates, such as toasted bread with jam.

When carbohydrates are not overwhelmed with fat and protein, they release tryptophan, an amino acid, into your brain. Tryptophan in turns into serotonin, a neurotransmitter that improves your mood, all in 30 minutes.

You can also consume carbohydrates by eating popcorn or a slice of wholemeal bread. Just be sure to avoid high-protein foods like cheese and poultry. These foods eliminate serotonin because all amino acids compete and ultimately block the release of tryptophan into the brain

Be spontaneous

Sometimes a boring routine can make you feel sad. Do something without having prepared it, but without making a hasty decision either! Go visit a friend or go to the museum, offer a surprise lunch to your mother or take a weekend to visit another city. By doing new things, you will rediscover your passion for life.

You can even break your routine by creating small “disturbances” in your daily schedule. For example, you could do your morning routine in a different order. Take your coffee after the shower for example. Go to work early. Just break your routine and see how you feel. Sometimes our habits, even if they comforted us at the beginning, can become a trap

Find a hobby

Direct your negative and insurmountable emotions to another activity. Do something you like to do that relaxes you, such as painting, photography, poetry or pottery.

Find something that makes you feel at peace and helps you get away from your everyday problems.

This does not mean you can escape from your sadness, it means that you can get away with it by taking time for yourself and doing something you like.

You can also choose a new activity. You may have always wanted to try yoga, but you never had the chance. Start a new activity to invigorate your life. By starting a new activity or a new hobby, you will also have a better chance of meeting new people who share your passion.

Take a shower or a bath.

You will be surprised to see what a shower can bring to you. Consider taking a cooler shower than usual. Cold showers can help you feel better.

Research has suggested that it can help you improve your blood circulation, reduce stress and tension, and improve your mood. Cold allows you to release endorphins into your blood and brain that make you feel revived and positive.

If you prefer baths, try to put salt Epsom (between 1 and 2 cups). In addition, to help you detoxify your body and reduce tension, Epsom salts can trigger a release of endorphins, which then reduces your stress and improve your mood.

Talk to a friend

Contact and social support are major factors that make one happy. Discuss your sadness with a friend or the situation that caused this sadness to be able to reduce the pain because you will know that this person cares about you and how you feel.

You could also learn something by talking to a friend. For example, your friend may have gone through the same kind of situation and can offer you support and advice. Otherwise, your friend might help you to see the situation from a different angle and he might suggest some methods you have not thought of yet to overcome this situation.

Friends can also help you feel supported and lighten the feeling of being alone. They offer you a place where you can be heard and understood. In addition, you could improve your mood by simply talking with a friend, because you have a good chance to end up smiling or laughing!